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The dog chews bring many benifits to dogs and their owners.

The dog chews bring many benifits to dogs and their owners.

Dog chew is a functional pet chewing food.

Dog chews are usually made into bones and strips. They are a kind of snacks specially designed and developed for pet dogs. The shape is suitable for the characteristics of dogs when they play and bite. Dogs have the need to chew and bite as they grow up. At the same time, chewing can maintain oral health and avoid the formation of plaque and calculus.

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The necessity of chewing

From a chemical point of view, dental calculus is calcifying or calcified plaque and sediment deposited on the surface of the tooth or restoration, which is formed by the deposit of mineral salts in saliva or gingival crevicular fluid.

Starting from the reality, the meat snacks and puffed staple foods and wet foods that dogs eat the most daily. Easy to swallow, less chance of chewing, less intake of high-fiber foods.

Reduce the risk of damaging furniture

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Dogs need to provide suitable teeth grinding tools during the period of tooth replacement. The choice of chewing food is particularly important.

If the dog spends too little time with the owner, separation anxiety will occur, and they will attract the owner's attention by biting. You can give it a good quality dog chew, which not only cleans your teeth but also helps to improve the scratch and bite.

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Fresh breath

Frequent chewing can take away the food residue left in the gap between the teeth, and it has a significant effect on solving the problem of bad breath.

As we all know, herbivores do not have oral problems, because they eat high-fiber foods, even in the teeth, bacteria are difficult to break down and absorb. Therefore, it is most suitable for chewing food to contain both plant protein and animal protein.

pet chew machine

Happy mood

Most dog owners don’t walk their dogs the number of times and time under normal circumstances to meet their needs. Therefore, it is very important to divert the dog's attention and kill the boring time, so that the dog will not be depressed because of boredom at work.

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