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Skyrocketing freight charge and piled up cargo

Skyrocketing freight charge and piled up cargo

2020 is hard for almost all countries and people. The whole world is shrouded in the haze of the epidemic. However, no matter how severe the epidemic is, all necessary life activities for food, clothing, housing, and transportation must still be carried out. The factories that should be started must still be started, and the cargo ships that should be shipped must continue to sail. It is possible that many goods that were supposed to be delay purchased for 2 months were found  there is no sign of the end of the epidemic after another 2 months. In the end, it really can't be delayed anymore, so I have to buy and request delivery. As a result, many postponed purchase plans but started to place orders and deliver goods that could no longer be delayed. Of course, there are some people that buy as planned and some who have seen the opportunities during the epidemic are going backwards. As a result, goods began to pile up and the port became busy. It is true that the freight company itself has insufficient manpower due to the isolation of employees and other reasons, which is also the reason why the transportation company is busy today. As the goods are piled up, the transportation companies are busy, and the freight charge is crazy. The price has been increased day after day, and the price of some routes has doubled several times. The more so, the more people who have delivery needs want to ship as soon as possible, because the freight will be higher after a while.

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We are a manufacturer that mainly produces and sells snacks machine, pet food machine and fish feed machine. Our machinery and equipment are used by people in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. This year's epidemic also brought great losses to our company. But we still we have developed many new customers through our unremitting efforts while serving our old customers. Of course, some of them are recommended by old customers. The transaction process with many customers this year can be said to be very gruel. On the one hand, the uncertainty of the epidemic factors has made customers hesitate to make a decision. On the other hand, the exchange rate of the US dollar against the RMB has fallen sharply, and the freight charge have risen wildly. This means that every day a customer hesitates, according to the value of the goods, what the customer actually needs to pay will increase by hundreds of dollars. There are also war-torn countries. For example, a customer in Armenia had paid a deposit for the dog food production line, but due to the war, a refund was required. Of course, Azerbaijan also has our customers, and world peace is our greatest long-cherished wish. In a blink of an eye, 2020 is almost over. May everyone be healthy and happy in the new year, and the world is peaceful and beautiful!


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