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Pakistan will also vigorously promote fortified rice

Pakistan will also vigorously promote fortified rice

Fortification is the addition of key vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Iodine, vitamin A & D to staple foods such as Rice, Milk, Salt, Wheat Flour and Edible Oil to improve their nutritional.

The main function of nutritious food is to eliminate malnutrition or to eliminate specific diseases caused by lack of certain trace elements. In history, the United States, Europe, and Japan have vigorously promoted fortified nutritious foods, and China also promoted fortified rice a few years ago, and iodized salt currently exists in many shops. The promotion of fortified rice in India is also in full swing. Our company has exported more than 300 reinforced rice machies to India and Bangladesh. Now, China’s iron buddy Pakistan has  introduced policies to encourage fortified nutritious foods in Sindh Province firstly. It is believed that Pakistan's demand for fortified rice plant will also increase rapidly. Therefore, new and old customers who are interested in acting as our agent in Pakistan, please act as soon as possible. We will train after-sales service personnel for you and provide technical support for our end customers.

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