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Come on the whole world, fight the coronavirus together.

Come on the whole world, fight the coronavirus together.

Recently, a global pandemic is hurting people in almost every country in the world. As the earliest known country that has been harmed by the virus, China has controlled the outbreak with the joint efforts of the government and people and the help of many friendly countries. However, the outbreak is bursting in many countries. It is very sad to see that so many people suffer from or even die of the new coronavirus every day. We are a small food and pet feed machinery company. We cannot produce masks and other medical supplies. What we can do now is to raise a small amount of protective supplies(because it is still in short supply in China), and make a small contribution to the worst-hit areas. We are gratified that our government has donated materials or aided medical teams to the severely affected countries and regions, and shared China's technology and experience in fighting the outbreak with the world.

In this war with the virus, the warring parties are the virus and all humanity. Viruses do not treat humans differently because you are from different country. Similarly, in such a tightly bound world today, no country can survive alone when other countries suffer. Moreover, very few  countrys people is all pure natives, there are people or descendants of other countries more or less, and they have also contributed to the development of the country. Furthermore, if it goes back tens of thousands of years, the ancestors of all humans may be the same pair of apes. Therefore, helping others is helping ourselves. Our common enemy is the virus. What we need to do now is to unite the people of all countries in the world and work together to defeat the virus! Come on, Italy! Come on Iran, USA, Spain, Germany, France, South Korea! Come on worldwide!


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