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  • Twin Screw Laboratory Extruder

Twin Screw Laboratory Extruder

Brand : Shengrun

Product origin : Jinan, China

Delivery time : 20-30 days

Supply capacity : 30 sets/month

Our laboratory twin-screw extruder is researched and developed for universities, colleges, scientific research institution and large and medium food enterprises. 

1. Main features:

1. High strength building block structure screws;

2. Compositional barrel;

3. Temperature subsection and visual control;

4. Multi-point pressure assay;

5. Wide running speed adjustment range; 

6. Centralized control;

7. High imitativeness;

8. Easy operation;

9. Accurate data presentation;

10. Energy saving;

11. Material saving 

12. Compact size ... ...

2. Technical parameters of Laboratory extruder

1Motor power5.5KW14Control modeCollect control
2Motor speedFrequency control15Range pressure0~30MPa
3Screw diameter3216Precision pressure1MPa
4Screw center distance26mm17Test point3
5Screw material38CrMoAl18 Lubricate modeInner cyc
6Rotate speed range0~500rpm19Feed rate0.18KW
7Screw formBricks form20Feed controlFrequency control
8Pathway rate11.6/   12.7/ 2321Cutter rate0.25KW
9Rotate speed range0~550rpm22Cutter controlFrequency control
10Temperature controlElectric heat and water cooler23Cutter power0.25KW
11Test point424Shape1.8x1x1.4(m)
12Temperature rangeNormal ~300 degree25Output8-12kg/h
13Temperature-1degree --- +1degree26

3. Details description:

Hot selling lab twin screw food extruder laboratory equipment

Cutting system

Motor:Siemens   0.37kw
Speed control:  Inverter
Speed range: 0-1440rpm
Blade Material: Alloy steel
Totally it can fix four blades, this system will
cut down the product from the mould.

Touch Screen PLC Control System 

Touch screen:  Siemens 
1. Set all parameters by this screen(speed of screw, speed of raw material feeding, speed of cutting, temperature of the barrel, control the pressure)
2.Display all parameters 
3.Download the testing data by USB
Hot selling lab twin screw food extruder laboratory equipment

Electrical elements

Inverter: Delta
Breaker: Siemens
PLC: Siemens
Switch: Siemens
All parts we use world famous Brand

Double Extrusion Screws

Type: Building block combined type screw
Material: 38CrMoAl
Diameter: 32mm
It is combined by pieces screw,  we can adjust the pieces screw to change the pressure and pushing speed of the screw. It is very convenient for Lab to test various raw material

4. Our service:

(1) Free consultation service for all processes;

(2) Free project planning and design services;

(3) Free debugging till every machine running well;

(4) Free delivery management for loading, shipment and transportation;

(5) Free workers training of equipment maintenance and operating;

(6) Free new production techniques and formulas after sales;

(7) 1 year complete warrantee and lifetime maintenance service and cost price spare parts.

Sales team with customers


After service photos

after service of technicians.jpg

5. Packaging and Delivery:

Packaging and delivery of shengrun machinery company.jpg

A. We will pack all necessary machines into wooden cases. For drying machine, and heavy extruders, we will fix them in the container with very strong iron wire.

B. If by LCL for small quantity machines, we will let send to QINGDAO port for loading.

C. If need containers, our trucks will take the containers from port to our factory for professional and safely loading, and then return to port for shipment.

6. Shengrun company certificates:

certificates of shengrun machinery company.jpg

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