A customer factory with a vertical layout of fish feed production line

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A customer factory with a vertical layout of fish feed production line

This is a fish feed factory in China. The owner of the factory is Mr. Liu. Three years ago, Mr. Liu planned to do fish feed business, so he searched for some good fish feed equipment manufacturers on the Internet, selected five of them to visit the factories on the spot, and asked them to make solusions and quotes. In the end, the vertical layout production line tailored by our company based on Mr. Liu's factory stood out. Because the vertical layout can make better use of the plant space, thereby saving space for other production needs, thereby reducing plant costs. Of course, this is also based on the actual situation. If the use cost of the plant is very low and the plant area is large enough, a simple plane production line layout is very suitable, which is not only easy to operate, but also cost-saving. In three years, Mr. Liu's fish feed business has gone from obscurity to a well-known local brand. The current output can no longer meet the market demand, so Mr. Liu contacted us to add a large-volume production line. So our technicians came to Mr. Liu's factory and laid out a new production line for him. The new fish feed production line is a production line with a production capacity of 3.5 tons per hour. The previous fish feed production line produced 1.5 tons per hour. And the new production line adopts many new technologies, which is not only easier to operate, but also more energy-efficient. In this way, the small-volume production line can be used to produce sinking fish feed, and the large-volume production line can produce floating fish feed (the fish feed production line mainly relies on the core machine, namely the extruder, to adjust whether it is floating fish feed or sinking fish feed. So it can produce both floating fish feed and sinking fish feed). I believe that through Mr. Liu's efforts and the support of our feed equipment manufacturers, Mr. Liu's business will get bigger and bigger.

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